About us

WBC is an international organization with members from over 70 countries, and all continents. WBC is the owner of several World class contests of beauty, fashion, hairdressing, art and make up.

The difference between WBC and other similar organizations is that its activities are based on universal democratic principles, and all important decisions get taken by means of continental voting by all countries and official WBC members, and not unilaterally by individual any person.

All other similar companies are established upon the principles of commercial enterprises, where all decisions get taken by the holder or holders’ group, and the member countries have no voting rights. The activities of WBC were established on the democratic principles similar to FIFA and Olympic Committees.

WBC owns two beauty pageants:

These pageants were held in the Chinese cities of  Kunming, Pinzhua, Jiuzhaigou, Zhangjiajie, Yichang and Qingdao owing to support of Government of Yunnan, and Sichuan provinces, and Government of Kunming, Qingdao and Zhangjiajie cities.

Differing from the most of the international beauty pageants, who engage in sourcing random unvetted participants from social networks like Facebook etc. WBC chooses contestants by means of its National Directors of the countries, who hold official National pageants and selections. Subsequently, all participants are the official representatives of their own countries with media and social support. As a result, the sponsors, hotels, tourist regions of the host country acquire large-scale advertisement.

All contests are organized in their respective countries, in coordination with the press conferences and media, result in advance advertisement of the participation of each countries own contestant at the WBC’s beauty pageants, with promotion of advertising materials of the host hotel, country, city or sponsors of the host country.

Beauty of the World is one of the biggest beauty pageants in the world, having held a lot of worldwide records. The number of participating countries is from 30 to 70 (the precise number is determined by the host country).  Each participants’ height has to be over 1.74 m and the participant has to be Known and recognized in her home country i.e. have photo sessions in magazines and other media publications of the participants country;  these are sent to WBC’s organizational committee, and the references  are made to media publications with her interview, etc.

Besides this, for reasons of transparency and not padding the number of contestants with fake contestants or “sashs bombing” ( ie pretending we have certain power house countries participating by giving non-citizens fake sashes of those countries to wear). The contestants are thus all required to be citizens of the country they represent and which countries sash they wear on stage.

Another difference of International Beauty & Model and Beauty of the World is that International Beauty & Model was established for the countries and regions unable to host large-scale contests, and sponsor flight-tickets for the contestants, thus, the number of the participating countries is not over 30, the requirements regarding the participants’ height is also reduced to 1.71m and above.

Never the less, all participants have to be officially selected at a contest or via official castings with involvement of the local media. In addition at the discretion of the host country, WBC may provide invitations to TV stations from selected countries by provision of complimentary Air tickets to cover the event.

Although the International Beauty & Model is the smaller beauty contest of WBC, over 100.000 residents of Kunming City greeted the contestants on their arrival in the city, which is an absolute worldwide record. It is also noteworthy that the sponsor of International Beauty & Model hosted last year in Kyrgyzstan was Bionorica. one of the Largest German Medical corporations, and it’s President, the famous billionaire, Mr. Michael Popp. The company benefited for promotion of its “Canefron” medical preparation in the Middle Asia under the slogan of “Health for Beauty”.

World Beauty Championship is a World Championship featuring Stylists, Hairdressers and Make-up Artists in the categories of: Fashion Hairstyle, Fashion Make Up and Full Fashion Look.

The Championship is hosted in the format of a show where the masters of style firstly create make-up on a model, and dress her hair. Then the final demonstration begins of the created work.

This system of hosting a Championship among hairdressers and make-up artists, was exclusively offered by WBC because before all competitions among professionals of style, were held in a dull format without a final show.

It is noticeable that there are only two organizations in the world hosting such a worldwide and continental championship for beauty hair and make up one of which is WBC.