Romania officially entered this congress in 2018, through the national director Claudiu George, who managed to organize a professional and strong structure on a national level. As proof, there are the exceptional results brought by the Romanian team at the international edition.

International Awards for Romania

Baku, Azerbaijan 2022

In the “International Beauty and Model” competition, in the Miss category, Romania was represented by Ionela Postelnicu, who won the 🥇 1st place.

Timișoara, Romania 2022

Thanks to the extraordinary results from 2019, we organized, for the first time in Europe, an international “Most Fashionable Awards” Gala in Timișoara, Romania in 2022.

Baku, Azerbaijan 2019

  • In the WBC – in the “Dress of the World” section (which is, the most beautiful dress in the world), Romania was represented by the designer Ana Larisa Ivan from Timișoara, obtaining the 🏆 1st place in the world.
  • Romania also scored at the “International Hairstyle and Make-up Championship” in the “Bridal Look” section, obtaining 🥉 3rd place in the world through Bianca Pașca in Make-up and Antonela Cocean in Hairstyle.