Our projects

WBC is an international organization with members from over 70 countries, and all continents. WBC is the owner of several World class contests of beauty, fashion, hair-styling art and make-up, but also an international business club.

WBC owns two beauty pageants

  • Beauty of the World
  • International Beauty and Model

WBC chooses contestants by means of its National Directors of the countries, who hold official National pageants and selections. Subsequently, all participants are the official representatives of their own countries with media and social support. As a result, the sponsors, hotels, tourist regions of the host country acquire large-scale advertisement.

Beauty of the World is one of the biggest beauty pageants in the world

Beauty of the World is one of the biggest beauty pageants in the world, having held a lot of worldwide records, for example

  • over 100.000 residents of Kunming City greeted the contestants on their arrival in the city.
  • 40.000 spectators in Pinzhua – The biggest number of audience at the beauty contest
  • 41 days – 9 cities in China – The longest-term beauty pageant
  • most expensive – The most expensive stage built for Beauty pageant

The number of participating countries is from 30 to 70 (the precise number is determined by the host country). Each participants’ height has to be over 1.74 m and the participant has to be Known and recognized in her home country. The contestants are thus all required to be citizens of the country they represent and which countries sash they wear on stage.

All participants have to be officially selected

International Beauty & Model

International Beauty & Model was established for the countries and regions unable to host large-scale contests, and sponsor flight-tickets for the contestants, thus, the number of the participating countries is not over 30, the requirements regarding the participants’ height is also reduced to 1.71m and above. For this specific contest there are 3 main categories: Miss (18-27 years old), Misses (28-35 yeard old) and Classic (over 36 years old).

Another Beauty project is World Beauty Championship of Hair-styling art & Make-up

World Beauty Championship is a World Championship featuring Stylists, Hairdressers and Make-up Artists in the categories of: Fashion Hairstyle, Fashion Make Up and Full Fashion Look.

The Championship is hosted in the format of a show where the masters of style firstly create make-up on a model, and dress her hair. Then the final demonstration begins of the created work.

This system of hosting a Championship among hairdressers and make-up artists, was exclusively offered by WBC because before all competitions among professionals of style, were held in a dull format without a final show.

It is noticeable that there are only two organizations in the world hosting such a worldwide and continental championship for beauty hair and make up one of which is WBC.

Dress of the World

Dress of the World is an international competition that is addressed both to beginning fashion designers and to those with experience in the field. The event is  dedicated to the discovery and promotion of emerging talents in the field of fashion design. It also provides a platform for exposure and recognition for designers, encouraging excellence and innovation in fashion design. Participants will have the opportunity to present their creations in front of a jury of professional international designers and compete for the title of the most beautiful dress. The winners of the national stages will represent their country at the international competition.

Most Fashionable Awards

The main goal of the project is to discover personalities who have achieved success in various fields and can share their experience with others.

Most Fashionable Awards (MFA) is not just to identify the best. But in a special atmosphere, the integration of professionals from various fields of human activity that allows the exchange of unique experience and knowledge, enriching you and your business.

The winners will be awarded at national and international events.